The team

We are a growing team, with participants from different work backgrounds, such as social work, management and sustainability business. We come from different regions in Switzerland and from different countries around the globe. We are all based in Zurich, which is our city, our place to live, the place we love and want to transform for the better.

Board Members

Selina Bruderer – Speaker

Having worked for more than two years in an international law firm in Geneva, Selina is currently working at the Bezirksgericht Zurich. Already during her law studies in Zurich, London, Geneva, and Boston, she volunteered for several non-profit projects. Selina is very happy to continue this work with Capacity by focusing on making the potential of refugees and migrants visible in Switzerland.

Hannah Lüddeckens – Strategic Advisory

Hannah is a psychologist working in the field of Psychotherapy. She is particularly interested in guiding individuals through a self-empowerment life journey. In addition, she is committed to advocating for human rights and the integration of people from different cultures and nationalities into the Swiss Society. As a board member of Capacity, Hannah supports the team through her extensive knowledge in the areas of Project Management and Entrepreneurship, which align with her personal interests in the socio-political spheres.

Alexa Kuenburg – Co-founder & Speaker

Alexa is a medical doctor who works in refugee healthcare at the University hospital in Zürich. She is also specialized in mediation/conflict management and in trans-cultural studies. She has experience working with various non-profit projects in Europe and the Middle East. She is inspired to contributing to the flourishing of refugees in Switzerland and elsewhere.

Weitere Teammitglieder

Emily Elsner (nee Adams) – Co-founder & General Manager

Emily is a consultant and researcher originally from the UK.  She specialises in non-profit management, and research at the social-ecological interface. Emily is Co-founder of Capacity Zurich.

Valentina Velandia – Community Manager & Partnership Curator

Valentina is a pragmatic idealist with a high dose of global perspectives and experiences. Valentina works on the recruitment and community management of the extensive Capacity network.  She is a gender diversity and intercultural communication specialist who ensures that the skills and energy of team members and volunteers are effectively optimised on behalf of Capacity.  

 Ana Vedia – Event Logistics & Creative Director

Ana is an artist and a yoga teacher who is passionate about cross-pollinating strategic advisory with social and environmental sustainability frameworks.
Her years as a professional dancer and a yoga teacher have taught her that even the smallest of movements can make a big impact. Therefore, she currently supports Capacity through tactful event planning and creative input.

Zsofia Molnar – Editor and Capacity Ambassador

Zsofia is coming from a cultural field, having experience in project management, communication and book publishing. She is an avid reader, who is always looking for new stories and opportunities to learn. She is motivated to contribute to the work of Capacity and have a social impact by helping people to evolve.

Nadia Diraä – Finance Manager

Nadia Diraä has many years of experience being Project Officer within the sector of diversity, migration and integration. She also has her own label in organic bed linen. She supports Capacity with financial advice and management.

Josh Gottlieb – Communications Specialist

Josh moved to Zurich from Melbourne, Australia in October 2016 and is motivated to change the public perception of refugees and migrants and give them every opportunity to reach their potential. He is a marketing, communications and advertising expert with experience in a wide range of industries in his various roles at media agencies in Australia.