8th March 2016 – Successful #refugeepower event at Impact Hub Zurich!

Around 80 people joined staff from Capacity, Social Fabric and Action from Switzerland at Impact Hub Zurich to discuss how to empower refugees. Three questions (around the needs of refugees, economic independence and innovative ideas for impact) were discussed, in both German and English. Results were also shared online (look for @CapacityZurich and #refugeepower to follow the discussion and see the conclusions that we came to and ideas that we had!). A Facebook group was spontaneously formed from the participants at the event, to encourage greater contact between Zurich based locals and refugees: https://www.facebook.com/groups/refugeeZurich/ Do join if you are interested in this issue! The event catering was generously supported by EBay and Alternative Bank Schweiz. The discussion will be written up jointly by Capacity, Social Fabric and Action from Switzerland in the next week or so, and will be shared online.

(c) Photos by PJ Jayathissa