Capacity supports individuals to reach their human potential

We want to live in a society that is open to new things, where each individual can achieve their potential, and where diversity in seen as a strength.  To achieve this we support encounters between people from diverse backgrounds (including people with refugee and/or migrant backgrounds) to develop new models of co-operation and interaction.  By doing this we support everyone to achieve their full potential in Swiss society, especially those from refugee and/or migrant backgrounds.

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Meet the Capacity Team

Swiss people, migrants and refugees discussing some of the challenges facing refugees arriving to Europe during an event in March 2016 (c) PJ Jayathissa

What we do

1) Opportunities for networking and collaboration – creating spaces where refugees, migrants and Swiss people can get to know each other. Many of these have a specific business focus to support refugee and migrant integration to the Swiss work community

2) Workshops and training events on business and integration topics.  The Business Mentoring Programme 2016 is our first formal training support programme for migrants and refugees interested in becoming self-employed or improving their employment chances

3) Building networks with other organisations, both non-profit and corporate, around the theme of work-place and social integration and support

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